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From the Desk of The Director

Since founded in 1989 Educational Multimedia Research Centre, Manipur University has come a long way. Consider the recent increase in the academic quality and quantity of the programmes we produce in year I feel we have arrived at a certain plateau from which we must make an attempt to scale another height of excellence in matters of reaching out to more needy and the unreached section of the society using multiple plateforms the e-technology has provided us with.

Earlier we were solely engaged in the production of educational video programmes for telecast on Doordarshan and Gyandarshan for a thirty minute shot. Now, we have Vyas the 24 Higher Education Channel of UGE-CEC which is run by the 18 media centres under the guidance of the Consortium for Educational Communication, an inter university centre of UGC. So the number of programmes to be produced in a year is now two times of earlier target numbers

We have now embarked on another venture of electronic packaging of knowledge. a per assignment under the 'CEC-NME-ICT Project' we have now produced 110 e-content modules so far on Anthropology based on the undergraduate UGC model syllabus involving teachers of different universities and colleges from many parts of the country. In the next phase we are producing e-content modules on Human Rights, Agriculture and Physical Education in collaboration with EMRCs of Madurai Kamaraj Universities, Madurai, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi and Punjabi University, Patiala

The Northeast with its multiethnic social background is a region rich in folklore and performance traditions. Understanding Northeast culturally needs understanding culture of geographically demographically, culturally and economically. Look East Policy should also incorporate culture and education not simply market economy. This means that we should encourage cross cultural study in our cultural scholarship and research. With the amount of data we already have our achieve we should creat web-based database and encourage sharing of data we already have in our achieve we should create web-based database and encourage sharing of data for cross cultural study within the country and across

There is an upsurge of interest among students and younger generation of people in videography and information communication technology. But there is no plateform to channelize the energy and bring it up as a descipline under certain academic norms. With the amount of infrastructure and cutting edge technology available at the centre we can open amount of infra structural and cutting edge technology available at the centre we can open teaching programmes on electronic media and facilitate the aspiring students of the North East